Concept Definition

Lee & Klassen (2010)

Plans and activities for companies to integrate environmental issues into supply chain management to improve supplier and customer environmental performance [2] .

Walton S V, et al. (2010)

Adding upstream and downstream suppliers as important influencing factors into the company’s environmental strategy, the core is to apply integrated thinking to the whole process of green supply, such as enterprise design, procurement, production and sales [3] .

Tseng (2011)

It can be defined in terms of the evolution of environmental management, including cross-border activities and corporate activities in the supply chain, where companies, suppliers and customers are directly involved in joint planning solutions to reduce environmental impacts in the production of products [4] .

Perotti et al. (2012)

Organizations’ activities and initiatives to reduce the impact on the natural environment [5] .

Ahi & Searcy (2013)

Integrate environmental thinking into supply chain management, including product design, material procurement and selection, manufacturing process, final product delivery to consumers and product scrap management at the end of product life [1] .