Known Risk Factors―IOF, WHO & Scientific Literature

IDS-TILDA Equivalent Data


Older age

Female/menopausal Hypogonadism

Secondary osteoporosis Thyroid disease

Other endocrine Rheumatoid arthritis GIT conditions Coeliac disease* Scoliosis*

Diabetes mellitus* Muscular dystrophy* Cerebral palsy* Modifiable

Sedentary lifestyle

Poor calcium intake Vitamin D

Low body mass GIT condition

Anticonvulsant drug use Corticosteroid drug use

Anxiolytics, sedatives, neuroleptics and antidepressants


Gender/Have you gone through the menopause Have you any other chronic health conditions male gender

Doctors diagnosis of osteoporosis Doctors diagnosis of thyroid disease

Doctors diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis Doctors diagnosis of gastrointestinal reflux Doctors diagnosis of coeliac disease

Doctors diagnosis of scoliosis

Doctors diagnosis of diabetes mellitus

Doctors diagnosis of muscular dystrophy Doctors diagnosis of cerebral palsy

Levels of physical activity

Mobility―difficulty walking 100 yds Dietary intake and supplementation Dietary intake, supplementation

BMI calculated as weight divided by height squared Doctors diagnosis of chronic constipation* Anticonvulsant medications

Corticosteroid medications anxiolytics, sedatives, neuroleptics and antidepressants medications