Growth Or Measurement Method

Eg (eV)

Laser-assisted Synthesis of semiconductor chromium disilicide films


Polycrystalline samples grown by amorphous thin films of Cr and Si in double electron-gun evaporation system.

0.27 ± 0.01b

Hall Effect measurements of Si-doped and Mn-modified CrSi2 crystal

0.30 - 0.35c

Single crystals of CrSi2 grown using the floating zone melting technique. Energy gap estimated from the temperature dependence of resistivity.


Synchrotron Radiation Photoemission measurement of epitaxial CrSi2 films prepared on Si (111) substrate at room temperature and 20K


CrSi2 films prepared by molecular beam epitaxy on CrSi2 templates grown on Si (111) Substrate


Polycrystalline thin films of CrSi2 grown on silicon substrates (Samples annealed at 1100˚C)


Ellipsometry of polycrystalline thin films of CrSi2


Optical absorption measurement of CrSi2 thin films

0.35 - 0.5i

Transmittance and Reflectance Spectroscopy Study of A-type Epitaxial films 100nm thick grown by the Template method

0.37j direct

Optical Spectra measurement of CrSi2 polycrystalline thin films


Synthesis of CrSi2 films by high current Cr ion implantation

0.7 and 0.8l