Business model

Business model is the organic integration of operation model, profit mode and strategic positioning, business model has the characteristics of integration, and other models service for it.

The business model is to make money through what channels and ways, The main path is to meet the customer’s value proposition, emphasize the realization of the sustainable development of enterprises.

Operation model

Simply speaking, operation model is the mode of business operation, Its basic functions are financial accounting, technology, production and operation, marketing and human resource management. Operation model is to carry out the overall management of these five aspects. The main path is to reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency.

Profit model

Profit model is the specific means of enterprises to obtain profits, is the specific channels to make money, Profit model makes reasonable allocation with other elements of business model for the purpose of achieving maximum profit. Secondly, simply said, profit model decides a good channel for enterprise profits, business model decides how much profit and ultimately profitability.

Logistics model

The logistics business model is that logistics enterprise combines with their internal and external resources, optimizes its organizational processes and business settings, forms an efficient and sustainable solution to achieve customer value proposition. Logistics business model pays more attention to the logistics operation and logistics management mode.