Anamnestic data of participants

Semi-structured interview collections




Couple Mr. Seba and Mrs.; 7 years of married life.

Consult for infertility problem.

Mr Séba: 40


He is heir to his late father and is keen to pass on the surname, and this name will only be carried by a son.

My biggest dream is that this insemination once gives a boy, it will solve a lot of problems in my head.

The fear of the failure of the procedure or the impossibility of giving birth to a boy: “I have been afraid since I got older, I cant fall asleep, I dont know if it should be successful, and if it succeeds even what sex will it be, all this disturbs me.”

Performed cleaning rites.

To meet the pastor, and persists in having a child. Pray it’s a boy. “My wife and I took decoctions for the wash; we go to pray regularly. If the good Lord can only answer our prayers. I will spend here in the hospital until I win.”

Mrs, 32 years old

Would like to give birth to a baby boy, because it is said a household without sons does not live: “My wish is that if it works this; that it is really a boy.

Has for concern to alleviate his sentence vis-à-vis his spouse. “I feel so humiliated with my in-laws that we dont have children.”

The joy of being inseminated, but the fear of giving birth to a girl; “Im happy for the insemination already; if it works at least naked we will have our child even as our wish is that it is a boy.”

Engages in all kinds of potions and rituals to get the insemination to its goal. “I did everything; I leave the rest to the good Lord. I dont know what to do now.”

Couple Bric, 35 years old and Mrs., 30 years old; 5 years of married life

Bric, 35 years old

Feels limited by the financial means to redo the procedure but has the cultural injunction to give birth to a son, who will protect the house in case he is absent

If it comes out a girl, I still have to think for a second attempt, my father said you always need at least one boy in the house to defend others in times of danger.”

Very anxious for further insemination; it can fail, give a girl or a boy “I am anxious and think about everything, all the time.”

Avoid family gatherings for fear of being indexed to your problem. “I no longer attend meetings with the family, I no longer want people to ask me questions about my household.”

Mrs, 30 years old

—Think about the possibility of PGD

If only people could sort the sperm and only take the male like they do in other countries...”

Langoisse de labsence du DPI se mélange à la peur de léchec dans lespoir de faire un fils.

—has done some traditional rituals to finally be able to give birth to a baby boy; “I was in the village to do the ceremony for this purpose; but the doubt came over me.”

Couple John 42 years old and Mrs., 36 years old, 10 years of married life

John 42 years old

—He is immersed in the popular imagination

With us, when you dont have a boy, its as if you dont have a child, because the girl cannot represent the father validly everywhere, in addition she will get married and get married. go away, you will be left alone;”

The fear of failure to be loyal to one’s family and the entire community “it’s a situation that bothers my head when I think of my family.”

Strictly respects the diet prescribed by the doctor. “I am on food supplements all the time, I dont take alcohol anymore, I hope this will work.”

Mrs, 36 years old

—Seems not to share the opinion of others

The child is the child. People tell how the girl is going to marry and there will be no one to keep the property. Does not ring a bell. And if there is no good what is he going to keep?”

Despite the fact that the child is the same, Mrs. John still cares about her husband’s position and it upsets her from time to time.

Change in day-to-day driving.

This situation has changed our pace of life, we no longer go to nightclubs to dance, we spend our time just thinking about that.”

Couple Mr Anto 43 and Mrs, 37 years old, 8 years of married life;

Mr. Anto 43years old

Must submit to tradition

Tradition dictates that the boy is the heir, so I dont know if I could still afford to redo if that fails or if a girl comes out. I put myself back to God, if it could once give a girl and a boy, I would be very happy.”

Would like to have a future heir as is customary but faces financial difficulty of assisted reproduction which causes suffering.

Change in eating habits “there are a lot of things that I used to eat and now I dont eat.”

Mrs, 37 years old

Very upset.

—suspected the infidelity of her spouse. “Im sure hes cheating on me, he has tried elsewhere in vain, but what to do?”

Feels under pressure from the in-laws

“—I feel very uncomfortable knowing that it is difficult to have children. Especially since his family puts too much pressure on me to be his heir. They dont know about his infertility problem.”

—Was put on a saltier diet to conceive a boy. “I was advised to eat more salt, as it favors a boy’s conception, I did, but I dont know if it will work.”

Zirac couple 39 years old and Mrs, 35 years old; 6 years of married life;

Zirac 39 years old

Also wants to have a child but presents the shortcomings of the daughter; “The Lord must give us a boy who will carry my no, thats the law of society, isnt it? Everyone knows that once married, the girl will only bear the name of her husband and will give it to her children.”

Anguished by the social constraints which require the boy in the household. “I don’t understand why people give boys more weight in our society, but what can I do?”

Commits entirely to God, trusts him for the future; “After all that I have done to have a child without success, I surrender to God, his will be done, I am no longer capable of anything.”

Mrs, 35 years old

Wouldnt like to have only daughters like her mother

My mother has always been looked down upon in her in-laws for being just girls, I would like to have a boy so that I wouldnt suffer the same fate as her.”

—Loss of pleasure

I dont feel interested in anything.”

Has an insomnia problem

I dont sleep well and I think all the time. Why even all this suffering.”