ToM Program for Children

SIP Program for Children



Games (Puzzles, Feelings, Mental Simil, Guess why…); Pretend play; Images; Extracts of cartoons; Picture books eliciting affective and or

cognitive mental states

Games (Problems, Card Boxes…); Images; Videos; Picture books

illustrating positive and negative

social situations similar to what children have experienced

Visual support for key concept

Visual support for key questions

Visual support for emotions

Eliciting Situations

Situations inducing affective and cognitive ToM, as well as the combination of mental states

Critical or ambiguous social situations inducing the five steps of SIP

By Session


Affective ToM: Expression and Causes of Emotions

Provocation (3); Conflict (4); Social Exclusion (6); Transgression (2); Prosocial (6)


Cognitive ToM: Perspective—taking; Belief—False belief; Attention; Intentions; Knowledge

Provocation (2); Conflict; Social Exclusion (2); Ambiguous Situation (1); Cooperation (1); Prosocial (1)