Questionnaire sections

Single item measures

ICSRLE short version:

Please consider the following elements of student life and indicate to what extent they have been a part of your life over past 6 months)

1) Challenges to your development (e.g. important decisions about your education and future career, dissatisfaction with your written or mathematical ability, struggling to meet your own or others’ academic standards).

2) Time pressures (e.g. too many things to do at once, interruptions of your school work, a lot of responsibilities).

3) Academic Dissatisfaction (e.g. disliking your studies, finding courses uninteresting, dissatisfaction with school).

4) Romantic Problems (e.g. decisions about intimate relationships, conflicts with boyfriends’/girlfriends’ family, conflicts with boyfriend/girlfriend).

5) Societal Annoyances (e.g. getting ripped off or cheated in the purchase of services, social conflicts over smoking, disliking fellow students).

6) Social Mistreatment (e.g. social rejection, loneliness, being taken advantage of).

7) Friendship problems (e.g. conflicts with friends, being let down or disappointed by friends, having your trust betrayed by friends).

Social Support (ISEL) short version:

Please state how much you agree or disagree with the following statements:

Tangible Support: There is a person or people in my life who would provide tangible support for me when I need it (for example: money for tuition or books, use of their car, furniture for a new apartment).

Belonging Support: There is a person or people in my life who would provide me with a sense of belonging (for example: I could find someone to go to a movie with me, I often get invited to do things with other people, I regularly hang out with friends).

Emotional Support: There is a person or people in my life with whom I would feel perfectly comfortable discussing any problems I might have (for example: difficulties with my social life, getting along with my parents, sexual problems).

Cognitive Problems

In the last two weeks did you find that you have problems of memory (e.g. forgetting where you put things), attention (e.g. failures of concentration), or action (e.g. doing the wrong thing)?

1) While studying b. When not studying

How frequently in the last two weeks did you find that you were not getting as much work done as you would have liked?

2) While studying b. When not studying