1. In times of labor uncertainty, I usually keep good expectations

2. I never let that a bad day at work affect my personal life

3. I have ideals at work that I would like to reach

4. At my work, I can face difficult situations remaining calm

5. I look for different solutions for the problems that arise at work

6. I am fully concentrated when I develop my work

7. I have the ability to adapt well to the changes in my work environment

8. My work is important because it contributes to the wellbeing of the others

9. My work contributes to give meaning to my life

10. With my example as a worker, I influence positively in my coworkers

11. Doing well my work satisfies me

12. I trust in my abilities as a worker

13. The work I develop makes me feel proud

14. I believe I am a worker with enough qualities

15. When something goes wrong at work, I continue straining

16. I am capable to maintain a good level of control in conflictive situations at work

17. I get on well with my coworkers

18. My work is related to the important things in life

19. I am capable of maintain a balance in my work performance against the external pressure

20. I have grown as a person through my work

21. I like to think in new ways for develop my work

22. My work helps me to feel fulfilled as a person

23. I am enthusiastic to develop my daily work activities

24. I consider myself a sociable person at work

25. I know clearly what am I supposed to do at work

26. I consider myself a competent worker

27. When I have work preoccupations, I let them know to someone that can help me

28. I feel passion to develop my work

29. I have a positive attitude towards myself at work

30. When I have problems at work, I seek for help in my coworkers.

31. I do my work activities because of my own choice

32. I really enjoy being a part of a work team

33. In my work, I enjoy being generous to others

34. Generally, I try to put some humor in the development of my work activities

35. Generally, I try to develop my work skills

36. I feel happy at work most of the time

37. Work is an important source of personal wellbeing

38. I think I am a trustworthy worker

39. Work is something that should be enjoyed

40. It is important to resolve the work conflicts in a positive manner