Examples of respondent statements

[1] People need something heartfelt, true to the self, or spiritual, gained through actions

“Things are broken in the end.” “I do not feel happiness from visible things.” “Material possessions disappear in the end.” “The feeling of happiness from ownership is probably gone when the material possessions are lost.”

[2] People prefer happiness from doing something valuable for and/or with other people

“I always think I would like to do helpful things for people.” “I am happy to do something with the important person who is close to me.” “I like to perform acts of kindness for other people.” “I find it pleasurable to contribute to society by working and taking action.” “Taking action can have a good influence on other people.”

[3] People pursue happiness in order to be unlimited, active, or more fully developed, rather than limited, passive, or satiated

“Happiness from taking action is unlimited, while happiness from ownership is limited.” “Happiness from ownership is passive. On the other hand, happiness from taking action is active.” “Happiness from taking action includes development, while happiness from ownership is an end point.” “While happiness from ownership is satiated, happiness from taking action is not satiated.”

[4] Materials are only entrusted to us by the earth

“Material possessions which we think we own are only things that are entrusted to us by the earth.”