Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

Coordinates MSP. Responsible for environmental policies, including conservation and protection of ecosystems and marine biodiversity policies. Coordinates the implementation of environmental policies in different sectors through intersectoral environmental policy instruments. Controls polluting activities, develops municipal and private environmental contingency plans and deals with environmental issues related to shipping. Responsible for the good environmental status of sea waters.

Ministry of Trade, Industries and Fisheries

o Department for fisheries and Aquaculture

o The institute of Marine research

o The Norwegian maritime Authority

Responsible for the management of marine living resources and the government policy for fishing industry, aquaculture industry, food safety marine products, maritime safety, maritime transport and response system to severe pollution emergencies. Responsible for monitoring and research on marine ecosystems.

Responsible for maritime safety within the framework of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

Responsible for the management of oil resources, including licensing and for the integration of environmental policies in the management of oil and gas industry.

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Responsible for developing accident contingency plans in oil industry and for the emergency response system.