Types of Activity


Impact on Forest



Ÿ Creation of small plantation

Ÿ Creation of Cocoa farm

Ÿ Planting of food crops

Ÿ Change in Land use

Ÿ Habitat fragmentation

Ÿ Restriction of Animals and Birds movement

Ÿ Habitat destruction

Ÿ Migration of animal population

Ÿ Soil erosion



Ÿ Wire traps/nets

Ÿ Digging and burning of holes

Ÿ Collection of eggs from nest

Ÿ Killing of birds and animals

Ÿ Marks of gun shots on trees

Ÿ Creation of fear in the wild

Ÿ Migration of wildlife population

Ÿ Noise

Ÿ Building and construction of temporal huts and sheds made with raffia and bamboo

Ÿ Living in Caves

Ÿ Habitat fragmentation

Ÿ Restriction of animals and birds movement in the wild

Ÿ Creation of fear


Collection of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs)

Ÿ Cutting of Capolopia

Ÿ Breaking of Sapling

Ÿ Debarking of trees

Ÿ Cutting Randia

Ÿ Collection of leaves and herbs

Ÿ Gathering of fruits and nuts

Ÿ Grazing

Ÿ Competition of food

Ÿ Habitat destruction

Ÿ Food shortage

Ÿ Soil erosion

Ÿ Deforestation

Ÿ Migration of birds and animals