New developing 4IR IT curriculum

Bachelor information technology and intelligent systems engineering (Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)11

Embedding 4IR IT curriculum

Bachelor of Computer Science (with IoT, Big data and AI modules) (Hons) (Taylor’s University)12


The program has the objectives of producing graduates who are able to:

Ÿ demonstrate an understanding of Intelligence Information Systems concept.

Ÿ develop intelligent systems applications using various tools used in industries.

Ÿ identify problems and apply artificial intelligence methods to solve problems in relevant areas.

Ÿ present ideas effectively in written and oral form in proposing the intelligent system applications.

Ÿ work in teams to develop intelligent systems applications that would be beneficial to the society and industry.

Ÿ practice ethical values and professionalism in conducting works related to Intelligent Information Systems development with society and industry.

Ÿ encompass data analytics in decision making for life-long learning.

Ÿ demonstrate entrepreneurial skills in marketing their applications.

Ÿ exhibit good managerial and leadership skills.

Provides students with the know-how and capability to design, develop, integrate and maintain all types of computer applications and systems, devise new and better ways of using computer solutions and technology to benefit society.

Students will explore software development and all its related technologies, programming languages and models, data structures and algorithms, as well as innovation in the application of computer solutions and technology; enhance their entrepreneurial, problem solving, project management and teamwork skills.


To achieve these 4IR-relevant competencies in AI, students were not only provided with knowledge of AI fundamentals, but also AI programming paradigm, language and intelligent decision making support systems. The intended goals of the program also include reference to actual situations―the industrial attachment work and projects learning for students to practice developing intelligent systems applications for real-world industries.

The outcomes of embedded curricula did not reflect competencies of core 4IR technologies.