0) Unconcerned

Individual shows little concern about the innovation


1) Informational

Individual shows general awareness about the innovation and is interested to learn more about it. Individual is not concern about one’s self relating to the innovation. Individual is interested in the impersonal, substantial aspects of the innovation such as general features, impacts and needs of the innovation.

2) Personal

Individual is uncertain of the innovation’s requirement need for implementation and the individual’s own role in the innovation. The individual evaluates the dynamic relationship towards the organisation’s reward structure, asserting roles in decision-making and considering conflicts with one’s own commitment. The individual’s concern involves financial or status implication of a program on the individual himself and his colleagues.


3) Management

Individual focuses on the process and the task of implementing the innovation, fully utilising the information and the resources given. Issues such as competency, organisation, management and scheduling are priorities.


4) Consequence

Individual’s attention is set to focus on the consequences of the innovation with regards to the students, based on its influences. During this phase, the individual’s considerations include the relevance of the innovation for the students, the achievement’s evaluation, the pupils’ competency and the changes required to improve their performance.

5) Collaboration

Individual focuses on coordinating and collaborating with others with regards to the use of the innovation.

6) Refocusing

Individual refocuses on exploring the benefits of the changes implemented, searching for other possibilities or alternatives to improve the current innovation.