Peculiar area;

Classes differentiated as course;

Only those who experience the course of Physical Education, recognizes;

peculiar area in which people express themselves;

Peculiarity and possibility of knowing the student;

Different classes that require an active student behavior; particular area of expertise

Peculiar acting area

Music as a form of expression;

Expression and unfold-;

Corporal conscience;

The student’s need to express themselves;

The transpires body language very essence of teaching in this area;

Body language

(Self) expression.

Know the other through body language;

Knowing the other is one of the characteristics of physical education;

It works with the body of the other;

Need to (self) meet bodily to meet and work with the other’s body. Know the other/the other’s body

Know the other/other’s body

Taste for teaching;

Taste and interest of teachers with their work; I taste for teaching

Taste for teaching

Daily renewal;

The renew and teaching;

The encounter with the unexpected;


(Re) learning; Constant renewal

Constant renewal

Multiplicity of meanings;

The meaning and significance vary with the perception of each;

The meaning and significance vary with the perception of each;

different perceptions;

Feeling of importance for the activity carried out, so that people can know;

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Multiplicity of meanings that vary according to the perception of each