Draw a lion and choose the color you like

Read a story and suggest the end from your view point

Suggest ideas to protect your school from pollution

Choose a poem and explain why do you like it

What do you think about the farmer who quit farming

Talk about what you disliked in a wedding you attended

Write about the TV programs you prefer to watch

Choose a sentence you liked from the reading lesson

How do you behave if you were in Ahmad’s place?

How do you think the turtle win a race with the rabbit?

Self-evaluation, interests, opinions, moods, desires and intentions, personal journals, individual plans and projects, personal likes and dislikes, self-awareness, self-discovery


Listen then talk about Spring season

Imagine a rabbit and draw it on the board

Draw a picture represents olive cultivation season

Name medical herbals and write them in your book

Write the characteristics of fish

What is your favorite flower? Why?

What is your favorite season and why?

Name the birds mentioned in the listening text

Visit a farm and classify its trees based on given criteria

What are the impacts of pollution in your area

Natural environment, listing characterizes of, categorizing nature items, recognize and classify plants, minerals and animals including rocks and glass