Sample activities from the Arabic language textbooks

Capability and perceptions

Intelligence type

Name the pictures below

Answer the following questions

Read the following sentence

Choose the correct answer

Compose a meaningful sentence

Analyze the following words

Match the word with its meaning

Compose a word from the below letters

Describe what you see in the picture

Complete the following sentences

Write a short paragraph about pollution

Words and language, speak, read, write, talk, discuss, analyze, compose, describe


Color letters to form a pattern

Suggest a suitable title to the lesson

Write a sentence about the expected consequences

Complete a sentence using a given example

Give reasonable solutions

Match between causes with results

Follow the arrows to form meaningful words

Explain abundance of agriculture in Jordan valley

Give proofs from given texts

Complete words starting with certain letters

Logic, numbers, reasoning, perdition, cause and effect, understanding from texts


Draw pictures and figures

Discuss the features of a picture or a figure

Color the picture with most suitable colors

Use a picture to complete a story

Arrange figures to write a meaningful sentence

Imagine a figure, draw it and color it

Explain the inference of each of the following pictures

If you were the mother, what you suggest?

Describe what you see in the picture

Collect pictures about …and explain it to students

Link pictures with concepts, illustrations, tables, figures, imaginations, pictures, maps, charts, colors, diagrams, arts and drawings


Let’s sing together

Listen to the words and sing

Chant together group by group

Music, sound, rhythm, songs, chants, playing music


Role playing a story

Draw pictures using the computer painter

Perform activities using the computer software

Collect pictures for different professions

Design a poster to explain the risks of

Visit some tourism sites in Jordan

Use body movements to express emotions and feelings

Type words and sentences using texts processor

Prepare with the teacher an Arabic Language magazine

Record chants and listen to them with classmates

Hands-on activities, field trips, role play, body language, movement control,


Collect with your classmates poems about Jordan river

Prepare in pairs questions for cultural competitions

Discuss with your group the traffic rules in your town

Prepare in groups the disadvantages of telephones

Discuss the role of computers in manufacturing

Cooperate in a project to elevate poverty in your town

Exchanging ideas and feelings about raising up pets

Participate in collecting information about Petra

Collect with students pictures about tourism in Jordan

Classify―in pairs―the animals based on their food

Pair work, cooperative work, group brainstorming, group games, discussions, peer review, social language, project work