Governance model



Private Corporation

1) Virtually unlimited activities

2) Dividends payable from profits

3) Various persons can be shareholders

4) Tax credits available

5) Shareholders have limited liability

6) Unlimited life

7) Ability to raise financing

1) Complex taxation system

2) Small business credits limited to related entities of limiting profits and assets.


1) Ease of establishment by order of government

2) Unlimited life

1) Limited activities by order of Articles of Incorporation

2) May not be able to distribute profits to members

3) All members have input to management

4) Limited equity investment


1) Harder to incorporate than previous two, re-quires approval from government

2) No taxes paid

3) Unlimited life

1) Not able to access tax credits

2) No distribution of profits

3) Stringent government scrutiny due to not-for-profit status

4) Limited revenue generating activities