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Course Evaluation Survey

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Your feedback is very important to improve the quality of courses further.

Please answer each question as “One Number Only” using the following keys:

1 = Strongly disagree, means the statement is true very rarely

2 = Disagree, means the statement is true poorly

3 = True sometimes, means the statement is true about half the time.

4 = Agree, means the statement is true most of the time

5 = Strongly agree, means the statement is true all or almost all of the time



At the Beginning of the Course, I was told about:

1. The course contents & expected knowledge and skills.

2. Available resources for studies, including faculty-hours and study material.

3. The doable things to succeed, including steps and criteria for assessment.

During this course, my teachers:

4. Conducted the classes as per the course contents.

5. Were interested in what they were teaching.

6. Were available beyond class hours to assist me.

7. Were fully committed towards teaching. (e.g., punctuality, clarity in teaching).

8. Used updated teaching materials. (slides, handouts).

9. Encouraged me to ask questions.

10. Explained the links between this course and other courses in the subject.

During this course, my college/department:

11. Allocated sufficient classes for the listed course contents.

12. Provided the resources (textbooks, library, and computers).

13. Provided required technology (internet facility & programs) to support learning.

This course helped me to:

14. Understand & apply desired knowledge, than simply to memorize.

Overall Evaluation

15. I was satisfied with overall quality of this course

Open Ended Items

16. What did you like most about this course? Two major aspects on priority:

17. What did you dislike most about this course? Two major aspects on priority:

18. What suggestion(s) do you have to improve this course? Two major aspects on priority: