Digital tools


Online Teaching Platform: Yunyu Classroom

Online guide—students do pre-class preview. Teachers release information and task lists related to Scratch and Guangcai culture, upload the pre-course scratch knowledge quiz, and adjust the teaching content according to the results.

Academy Online: Extending the Future of New Media—Introduction to New Media Design

As a first-class provincial course, it is an introductory course, which can better give students a clear framework of “new media design”, so that they can better carry out the study of this course.

Guangcai Porcelain Intelligent Mobile Learning Tool

(The system has obtained the right of national software registration)

To help students learn about related knowledge of Guangcai porcelain culture and craft studies.

Course demonstration platform: Extended Future Art Lab website and WeChat public account

It is used for publishing and displaying students’ excellent works, workshop course records, teaching experience promotion, and Guangcai porcelain culture dissemination.

Tencent meeting app

The “cloud classroom” is mainly used to gather all the teaching team members including international teachers, Chinese teachers, enterprise experts, etc. to connect with students.

WeChat group

A “cloud classroom” for learners to interact and discuss, and for teaching team to answer students’ questions.

AR/VR Virtual Reality

Immersive experience of Guangcai porcelain firing techniques and Guangcai porcelain mini games to enhance students’ understanding of traditional handicraft culture.