Paths to healthier behaviors

(40 MUs)

1. The importance of practical exercises for change.

2. Intellectual understanding is a first step towards change.

3. The acquisition of something new or the acquisition of a skill lost—different starting points.

4. The group format—sharing experiences contributes to community and inspiration.


(45 MUs)

5. An increased body awareness.

6. Mindfulness leads to relaxation in the body and the mind.

7. An increased understanding of the disorder.

8. Increased insight into the nature of the mind.

9. An increased insight into behavior and its consequences.

Acquisition of new skills

(79 MUs)

10. Using the signals of the body as a guide.

11. Using breathing to go into conscious presence.

12. Conducting a helpful internal dialogue with oneself.

13. Allowing difficult internal experiences.

14. Having an accepting attitude beyond “right” and “wrong”.

15. The different approaches to thoughts.

16. Slowing down.


(81 MUs)

17. The conscious presence spreads automatically to everyday life.

18. Making active choices in everyday life.

19. Being guided by what is important in life.

Healthy behaviors and their nature

(47 MUs)

20. Prioritizing oneself and setting boundaries against the world around.

21. Meeting setbacks with an accepting and friendly attitude.

22. Treating oneself as valuable.

23. Getting involved in the small instances of pleasure in everyday life.

24. Having relationships characterized by openness and acceptance.