Significance statement




· Ethics lesson? No sir, none. No ethics subject. We were just taught a religion that teaches us good and bad. It’s also just for little time. Once a week for one study hour that is 45 minutes (P-1).

· Specifically, there were no subjects ethics at school, the student gets a lesson about good and bad from the teacher. Not from a specific subject. So, if you learn ethics… how his teacher “Ajah” (depend on the teacher) (T2).

· If the teacher’s care’ on the behavior or culture of his students, then he gave them guidance, that just passing then… for the most, if student conducted serious or fatal mistakes, then they gave them long and many pieces of advice and guide (T-1).

· Good behavior lesson was taken from religious education, but religious subject’s teacher. Only those teachers taught us which good and which bad, that lessons were according to religiosity (P-2).

· There were lessons concerning Pancasila’s Moral Educations which taught the student how to behave and to life which appropriate and in way of Pancasila (Indonesian National ideology which is based on local wisdom). Nowadays… it must be somewhere out there… don’t know laaah… (T-2).

No Etcis subject in the student’s lessons list

Teachers who teach good and bad behavior by practices

Ethical lesson was taught rarely by advice and spiritual guidance

No formal ethics education


· Usually, the friend pushed us to be unified.

· When we got together, then… can be avoided.

· It is fun together… they did not dare to challenges…

· Senior or alumni were persuading. They still prowling around campus.

Pushed by Friens

Group solidarity

Senior and/or bad alumni influences

Friend’s influence


· The father was fierce, if he had said a thing you do not allowed to disobey, I was tired, I was sick. My home feels like ARMI Barrack (P-1).

· I can not refuse him, when I did it, the home will be like hell. Father is authoritarian. You don’t have time to disagree with him at all.

· One day there was a teacher that made mistake, one of the student’s parent came to school and scold the teacher in front of the student.

· His father was cocky… so He imitates his father… like father like son.

· A son will take an example from his father. When the father is not home or is not there for him to ask or can not be asked, then the child will be loss, they have o direction to follow (T-1).

Authoritarian parent

Cocky father

Empty homes

Family tensions


· Usually, they search another way in order to get attention from parents or from the teacher (T-1).

· At school, the teacher could not give full attention to them, therefore parents should give the attention they need in full (T-1).

· The tension and lack of attention caused unhappiness that stacked time to time until finally blown up become rebellions (T-2).

Try to get attention


Protested/rebellion character

Inner factor