A layer index

B layer index

C layer index



Compactness of urban form


compactness of population

The density of resident population

Butterfly catastrophe

The proportion of non agricultural population to the total population

The net population migration within province

The interprovincial net population migration


compactness of land use

The proportion of built-up area in the municipal district

Cusp catastrophe

The green coverage rate of built up area


Compactness of urban function


function of dwelling

The residential investment

Swallowtail catastrophe

The faculty-to-student ratios of primary schools in municipal districts

The number of beds in hospitals and health centers per 10000 people


function of transportation

The number of bus and trolleybus per 10,000 people

Butterfly catastrophe

The pavement area per capita

The number of public operating vehicles at the end of the year


function of work

The average number of employees on duty per square kilometer

Butterfly catastrophe

The average wage of workers

The GDP per square kilometre in municipal district

The GDP of the third industry/the GDP of the second industry


function of recreation

The park green area

Butterfly catastrophe

The number of books per hundred people in Public Libraries

The domestic tourism income

The retail sales of social consumer goods