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Data coding and contents

Objective fact(A)

Trans-regional integrate market scope(M)


Until 1993, Hope Group has built up 10 feed mills. Until 1994, there were more than 40 subsidiaries has been built.


In 1995, through identifying the property rights and restructuring assets of Hope Group, the 4 brothers (Liu Yongyan, Liu Yongxing, Liu Yongmei and Liuyonghao) of Family Liu set up Mainland Hope Group, East Hope Group, West China Hope Group and South Hope Group respectively (restructured became New Hope Group subsequently)


The headquarter of East Hope Group moved from Chengdu to Shanghai Pudong in 1999 and its agricultural subsidiaries covered most Chinese provinces. It built heavy industry factories in Nei mongol and Shandong province.


West China Hope Group has more than 100 subsidiaries in the fields of agriculture, husbandry, education, real estate, chemical industry.


In the field of education industry, Hope Education has more than 20 schools in different regions.


West China Hope Group set up more than 20 commercial and tourism real estate programs.


At the end of 2012, New Hope Group has more than 800 subsidiaries all over China.


Mainland Hope Group regards Chengdu as the main base and center and it has more than 50 branches in China.


Shenlan air conditioning manufacturing company (the subsidiary of Sichuan Hope Group) has more than 20 sales branches in China’s main cities.

Organizational trust


Family trust (f)


Four brothers resigned from public office in 1982 and came back to hometown (Sichuan Xinjin) to start there own business.


Four Brothers don’t mind the title, fame and fortune and they only took little living expenses in order to put capitals in extending their business.


Based on traditional family virtue, “sincerity” “integrity” and “harmonious” make Hope Group get great value in the early time.


Four brothers seldom divided mutual assets and earnings rationally and principledly.

Social trust (s)


The headquarter of East Hope Group moved from Chengdu to Shanghai Pudong in 1999 and the total 80 senior managers were not family Liu’s member.


Until 2005, among the directors, supervisors and senior managers in Sichuan New Hope Agribusiness Co. Ltd. (the subsidiary of New Hope Group), only the chairman Liu Yonghao belongs to Family Liu.


In November 2011, New Hopes Group finished assets reorganization and there were a lot of managers been listed in the Secondary Public Offering List.


In dealing the problem of enterprise ownership and management rights, chairman Liu Yongxing carried out clarifying property rights and using outer family managers.


East Hope Group set up investment department in Shanghai which in charge of strategic investment. All of the investment issues were determined by the manager of investment department and Chairman Liu Yonghao won’t participate in the investment activities.