The general hospital of Mexico is born.


The General Health Council was created and, in the new Constitution, chapter IV of article 123 highlighted the responsibility of the bosses.


The School of Public Health is created, the first in Latin America, a teacher of medical professionals, now called the School of Public Health of Mexico.


The scope of influence of the health services of the country of the territories, ports and borders is extended to all the states.


With the support of the Rockefeller Foundation and on the initiative of the Department of Public Health, the Rural Hygiene services were born in 1931 with vaccination, school and maternal and child health services.


The social service is created to extend health care to the rural communities of the country and to deepen the knowledge of the Department of Public Health on local health conditions.


The Ministry of Public Assistance was created with which the Department of Child Welfare and the Public Charity Board merged.


The Ministry of Health and Assistance was created by merging the Department of Public Health in the Assistance Secretariat as well as the first generation of health system reforms, the Social Security Law and the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS, by its initials in Spanish).


The provision of services by the IMSS in the Federal District begins.

1958 a 1964

Reforms are strengthened to expand health coverage, reaching levels of 17% of the national population.


With the reforms to the article 123 Constitutional that granted social rights to the workers of the State the ISSSTE is born.

Finales de 1970

The health model reaches its limit, services become more expensive with demand, the system did not reach the rural population, noncommunicable diseases increased, private service was resorted to.


The IMSS-Coplamar Program was implemented, later named IMSS-Solidarity and then IMSS-Oportunidades to offer coverage to the rural area.

1982 a 2002

Second generation of reforms, the New Health Law replaces the Health Code, the Ministry of Health and Assistance is renamed by the Ministry of Health, and health services for the uninsured population are decentralized to state governments.


Creation of the Social Protection in Health System (Popular insurance).