Dialectal- monodialectal


(Discreet) bilectal

Dialect continuum

Speakers’ usage

High vs. Low

Speakers use CG exclusively

Speakers use CG and SMG with various competencies

Speakers use local vernacular and official language

From SMG-CG to (acrolectal to mesolectal to basilectal)


Standard is High and Dialect is Low

Low, Stigmatized

Varies according to code used

Co-overt vs overt prestige

From Low to High with intermediate levels (3 to 4)

Official policy

Promotes the standard

Does not encourage use of CG dialect

Does not support bidialectal education

Not considered yet

Advocates the use of acrolectal levels

Attitudinal stances

Positive toward the standard code

Usually negative toward the dialect

Increased appreciation of CG

Both CG and SMG are not stigmatized

Acrolectal levels receive higher levels of praise

Researchers supporting these positions

Sciriha (1995)

Newton (1972)

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