Type of stakeholders

Characteristics of stakeholder and reasons of selection for workshop

Results of problem analysis

Farmers (mainly household heads)

They depend on shifting cultivation which had been changed from traditional to short-term rotation cycle.

Cultivation of with a short rotation cycle makes their productivity decrease; no irrigation system; limited agricultural techniques (e.g. without fertilizer).

Women Union (Women group)

They are thinking future development plan from viewpoints of mother and children

No irrigation system; no options of house works such as weaving.

Village authority

They understand village’s history, land use and livelihoods.

No supports of irrigation system and obviously dependent on shifting cultivation with short term; free grazing and expansion of grazing land.

District Government staff

They understand difference of working conditions between inside and outside of village.

Lack of knowledge and market information; dependent on shifting cultivation with short term; villagers mainly dependent on middlemen to sell products.