Measure item

Personnel turnover risk

Cooperation leads to the possibility that some of our key technology employees or managers are being selected out.

Cooperation causes the possibility of some of our key technical personnel or managers to disclose their technical secrets in various forms.

Theft risks of intellectual property related to cooperative innovation

In the process of cooperation, we have demonstrated our key skills to cooperative universities/research institutions, but the possibility of a loss of our core knowledge is very high.

As a result of cooperation, our technical secrets (process flow, product formulation, technical drawings, etc.) are likely to be stolen

Cooperation will make our technical know-how often illegally copied (such as visiting, practice or mentoring)

Knowledge leakage risk unrelated to cooperative innovation

We are worried that the cooperative universities/research institutions will adopt some other means to grab the key knowledge beyond our shared agreement.

Cooperation will enable cooperative universities/research institutions to penetrate we did not intend to disclose technical know-how.

We share our knowledge unconsciously since cooperative universities/research institutions seek to informal communication with us.

Intellectual property investment risk

Cooperative universities/research institutions fail to transfer their skills and knowledge to us in accordance with the provisions.

Cooperative universities/research institutions keep silent, uncooperative and over protected, which make us fail to receive the correct knowledge.

In the process of cooperation, the cooperative universities/research institutions will pass some false information and knowledge etc.