Power outages experience






1. I am aware of the power outages.

2. The power outages are not regular.

3. I do not get enough electricity supply for my business.

4. I have no idea when the outages will stop.

5. My business depends on electricity supply.

6. Intermittent power outages is killing my business.

Operational cost

6. Cost of materials has gone up.

7. Employee wages has up.

8. Cost of preserving my products has gone up.

9. Cost of utilities has gone up.

10. Maintenance and replacement cost has gone up.

11. High cost of power supply is negatively affecting my business.

Alternative power supply

12. Alternative power supply are not reliable.

13. Alternative power supply are not adequate and suitable substitute for my business.

14. Alternative power supply are expensive compare with that of electricity.

15. Generators are the most preferred substitute for electricity power.

16. The generators are not environmentally friendly.

SMEs growth (2009-2014)

17. I have reduced the number of my employees significantly.

18. Sales have been dropping drastically.

19. I have disposed of some of my assets.

20. I have closed down some branches.

21. I have reduced my product lines.

22. Most of my products perish frequently.

23. The customer base of the business has increased.

24. Existing customers have reduced their purchases.