A species or population unit; an abstraction of the essential physical factors and theco-habitant biota, in a locality where individuals of that population regularly live and reproduce


Place/space where an organism lives


The area of land, water and airspace required for the normal needs and survival of a species


Area in which a wildlife community exists


Location in which organisms live, or characterized by predominant plant or animal life


Resources and conditions present in an area that produce occupancy―including survival and reproduction―by a given organism


Where an animal lives that can be characterized by dominant plant forms or physical features


The resources an conditions present in an area that produce occupancy, including survival and reproduction, by a given organism


Place where an animal lives, or, the collection of resources and conditions necessary for its occupancy, or, a set of specific environmental features that, is equated to a plant community, vegetative association or cover type


A place where an animal resides


The abiotic components of the environment only


The physical and chemical components of an organism’s environment, including the biotic environment to emphasize that an organism must integrate and adapt to all the elements of its surroundings including those that are living and those that are not


Description of the physical space, at a particular scale of space and time, where an organism actually or potentially lives