Thabet and Thabet (2017)

To explore the types and severity of the traumatic experiences, and to estimate the prevalence rate of post-traumatic events.

N = 319 adolescents ages 12 to 18 years

Cross-sectional study

The study showed that 58.3% reported life stressors, mean stressors was 4.07. Mean traumatic events reported was 3.7.

The study results showed that 29.5% had partial post-traumatic stress disorder and 23.5% had full criteria of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Al Ghalayini and Thabet (2017).

To investigate the relationship between war trauma and anxiety and posttraumatic stress

disorder (PTSD) among preschool children in the Gaza Strip.

N = 399 mothers and their preschool children who were enrolled in kindergartens in the Gaza Strip.

Cross-sectional study

The mean number of traumas experienced by preschool children was 8.3. PTSD prevalence was 6% with scores higher in children aged five and older.

There were significant associations between trauma and PTSD and anxiety as well as a significant association between PTSD and anxiety.