The Maturity Scale

Task Understanding

2-stars placed over the wave with different, recognisable forms

2-relevant additions (fish, boat, moon, etc.)

1-stars only

1-waves only

1-just one star, huge and centrally placed

1-irrelevent additions (flower, butterfly, sun, etc.)

0-another drawing

0-an empty sheet

Form of Stars

2-at least one well-formed angular star

1-a planned angular form, with malformations due to impaired movement

1-round stars, good circles

0-form disturbances

0-scribbles, no forms

0-lack of stars

Movement of Waves

2-at last one rhythmically wave

1-linear or angular (zigzag) strokes


1-other static forms

0-movement disturbances (sometimes only in the waves)

0-blacking of wave-area

0-lack of waves

Spatial Arrangement

2-stars placed over waves with good macrostructure

2-stars over waves with stars placed in a row (typical for children at age five)

1-upper part with stars, lower part empty

1-disturbed macrostructure

0-spatial problems: waves over stars, or side by side

0-stars all over the sheet

0-waves all over the sheet

0-stars and waves on one side of the frame only

Frame Recognition

1-drawing within the frame, or one deviation

0-two deviations or more outside the frame

Qualitative Level

1-anxiliary qualities (persistence, ideas, diligence, self-asurance, or any trait that might help coping in school)

0-lack of such auxiliay qualities, or even occurrence of disturbing factors (indolence, giving up, slackness, dullnes, fantasm, etc.)