Desirable Outcomes

Undesirable Outcomes

Use Medications

Reduce use of seclusion and safe

Inappropriate use this alternative by health care providers to reduce tasks and efforts

Training Program

Decrease injury for patients and health care providers

Does not use it as trained and use inappropriate way

Manipulate Environment

Calming and reducing the behaviors that effect on patient oneself and others, and reduce recourse to seclusion

May is not appropriate for all patients, may effect on patients’ health, and increase incidence of injury to both patients and health care providers

De-Escalation Technique

Improve safety in practice

Does not use effectively and not be able

to entirely eliminate the use of seclusion

Status Quo

Safe way to patient and health team providers, decrease the chance of damage to the physical environment

Inability to perform the seclusion protocol, inappropriate dealing with cases, and increase the incidence of seclusion