Representative Code


toward others

Happiness in deepened family ties

I came to enjoy the time spent with my family.

I felt gratitude to my family.

I found I can relax best in the family.

Presence of a partner that

became more important to me

I noted another side of my partner’s personality.

I noticed that the load weighing me down has been lighter when I am with my husband.

Realization of and gratitude toward people who accept me

I came to understand the feelings of others after developing cancer.

I noticed there are people who listen to me after developing cancer.

I noticed myself regenerated by consideration of others.

Importance of words spoken by those with the same experience

I realized that words spoken by those with the same experience are encouraging.

Benefits due to the cancer

Activities to be engaged in after a cancer diagnosis

I enjoy hobbies I prepared for in order not to be discouraged.

What I think was lucky

I decided to think that I was able to quit smoking as a reward for the amputation of the breast(s).

I thought that I was lucky to have a right to sit in priority seats (in public transport) thanks to the cancer.

Happiness at living a normal life

Pleasure in doing things that are taken for granted

I was grateful that I could live to welcome the New Year.

I appreciated that I could perform daily activities.

A feeling of peace recognized through experiencing pain

I felt happy to do daily activities by myself.

I felt the joy of life without physical pain.

Realization of and satisfaction with my growth

My growth achieved through the cancer experience

After the cancer experience, I became able to see a lot of things that had been invisible before.

I learned the philosophy to be able to change something unfavorable to favorable.

I felt my own growth through experiencing cancer.

Pleasure in re-recognizing my own skills

I was pleased to recognize my skills.

Awareness of the meaning of my existence

Awareness of the meaning of my existence

I became aware of my own existence after developing cancer.

I began to regard myself positively through experiencing cancer.

Hopes for life

Importance of life recognized through experiencing cancer

Thanks to cancer, I became able to notice what was impossible before.

I needed to face obstacles to learn about life.

I want to cherish my valuable experience of breast cancer.

Willingness to make the most of life`

What made me positive is holding on to life rather than acceptance of death.

Although we cannot change our innate fate, we can change destiny by ourselves.

I wish to treasure my limited time to the full.

Time given by cancer to start life again

I thought that I was given time to face my death.

I learned to think the cancer was not entirely bad because I can prepare for it to the last moment.

I want to cherish every moment of my life while preparing for death.

Appreciation for experiencing cancer in the present age

I appreciate that I developed the cancer today when better treatment is available.

Awareness of living with cancer

The image of cancer has changed from death to living together.

Willingness to contribute to others

Cancer experience that impels me to take advantage of

I don’t want anyone to experience breast cancer.

I wish to support others as much as I can.

I must have some mission because I am still alive although I was diagnosed as cancer.

Improved understanding of the attitudes of healthcare providers toward patients

I became able to understand patients’ feelings.

I reconfirmed my policy to extend a supporting hand to patients as a nurse.