7) Jamerson & Vermeerch

2012 Ohio/USA

To identify the demographics of research facilitators, to determine the prevalence and type of nursing research models and to compare and contrast model differences to develop recommendations for practice

N = 69

Literature review (the conduct of research, development of research capacity, building aresearch culture within the organization)

Survey, 7 items

Not reported

Not reported A total function count (TFC) was calculated for each of the participants. Multiple regression

8) Czerwinski et al. 2004 Houston Texas, USA

To investigate nurses’ knowledge, attitudes and practice (KAP) with regard to research

Web-based survey

N = 600 nurses

Hospital setting

Theory-driven. It was hypothesized that educational level would be positively associated with KAP factors.

Survey, Instrument

KAP, 33 items.

Not reported

Not reported KAP scores were calculated by totalling the responses for each question and calculating a mean score by dividing the total score by 33 statements