Tawfik et al. (2014)

The identification of barriers and facilitates of research utilization in nursing practice from the perspective of nurses in Suez Canal University Hospital.




A cross sectional design

All necessary facilitators mentioned by the nurses were related to the organizational factors.


Al-Ghabeesh, S. et al. (2014)

To explore the predictors that facilitate and/or limit the utilization of research findings




A descriptive correlation design

The top five suggested facilitators were: the opportunity and time to attend and participate in national and international nursing conferences, the creation of an environment in which nurses are comfortable in critiquing and evaluating the current practice, having computer skills to allocate research reports xcuk, developing policies and procedures that support change of practice and use of new evidences, and finally, providing facilities and resources that promote access to research reports.

Reviewed studies in the field of Strategies used to increase research utilization


Fink, Thompson, and Bonnes (2005)

To identify inpatient nurses’ personal and professional characteristics, perceptions of organizational culture, and the effectiveness of organizational strategies.

Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovations


At baseline

(n = 215); post intervention


(n = 239).

A descriptive, cross-sectional, presurvey and postsurvey design

There was improvement in nurses’ perception of barriers and organizational culture post implementation of the multifaceted intervention. Journal club participation was one of the key strategies that facilitated research utilization.


Long (2010)

Can clinical practice guidelines

developed by the RNAO in Canada be used to improve identification and management of women receiving postpartum care in a private obstetrics

practice in the United States?

Stetler Model of Research Utilization


One of 170 postpartum patients prior to the initiation of the RNAO Guidelines and one of 168 patients post guidelines administration

Two retrospective chart reviews over a six-week period

The greater facilitator to this success reported was the leadership style of the organization (autonomy), which encouraged role-modeling and increased RU.