Short lecture

Group discussion


Maternity blues and postpartum depression.

Discussion of postpartum depression. Awareness of the disease, etc.

Learn that two out of every ten people may develop postpartum depression according to previous research.

The risk factors of postpartum depression (e.g., lack of partner’s support).

Write a list of things your partner has been doing to support you since you became pregnant. Share this with the group.

Learn to share your worries and anxiety with those who are in the same situation. Experience the relief of sharing your concerns. Rehearse help-seeking behavior by discussion in small groups.

The significance of frequent communication with your partner and good communication after the birth of your child.

Share the topics you and your partner have been discussing about parenting. If you have not yet been talking about parenting, think about what you would like to discuss with your partner.

Realize that other people are also in the process of adjusting. Get hints from others who are in a similar situation.

Find the confidence to talk with your partner.

Planning a strategy in the event of postpartum depression and understand the importance of help-seeking behavior.

Talk about what you would do if you became depressed after the delivery.

Identify people and places to contact for help if postpartum depression occurs.