Short lecture

Group discussions


Physical and psychological changes during and soon after pregnancy.

Reflect on one’s pregnancy. If possible, share with others.

Taking time to reflect a few weeks away from the delivery refreshes and prepares your mind.

Identify those with whom you have shared thoughts and worries. Is it your partner, friends? Share your thoughts on the relationships to and with your supporters.

Remind yourself that you have someone with whom you are very close to share your anxiety or worries.

Prenatal depression and its risk factors.

Reflect on and discuss activities that you have given up or started because of pregnancy.

Know that you are taking actions (or have not yet taken action) to improve your own and your baby’s well-being. Realize that it is quite natural to feel anxious during the prenatal period.

The need for social support when a new member arrives in the family.

Talk about what you have so far discussed with your partner regarding the delivery of the child and future parenting. Discuss recommendations for involving partners in childrearing.

Recognize how ready you are for the childbirth, and remember that your partner is your major source of support.