Territorial exposure to flood risks

Definition and local issues

How do you define hazards, especially flood risks?

Is your territory exposed to flood risks?

Has it been declared stricken by a natural disaster?

How do you understand the concept of vulnerability? What do you consider to be vulnerable in your territory? Are there activities which may represent a significant vulnerability to flood risks?


When do you consider being impacted by floods?

Risk memory

Do you remember any local disaster?

In your opinion, does the frequency of floods change? Why?

Local solidarity

Did floods occur in neighbouring territories?

Before delivering a construction permit, do you study the impacts on neighbouring areas?

Have you made a vulnerability diagnosis of public equipment?

Risk prevention management

Risk management

How do you include water issues in your projects?

How do you adjust the risk management scale to your local issues?

Willingness to pay

Do you want to pay more to reach a better risk management level?

Prevention tools relevance


What tools do you use for risk prevention?

Who creates these tools? Under what conditions do you have access to these tools?

Their effectiveness

Are these tools efficient? Why?

What do you propose to improve them?

Is a new tool necessary?

Tools implementation

Which tools do you use to return to a normal situation? How quickly?

Who is in charge of the implementation of these tools?

Does someone help you to implement tools for risk prevention?

How do you communicate to the population about risks and their management tools?