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Global documents

Document départemental des risques majeurs (DDRM)

Major risks county document

each county

Informative document for the local population and authorities explaining appropriate conduct and past events. It summarizes information about risks and lists the towns subjected to major ones.

DDRM of Belfort

Art. R. 125-11 (environmental code)

Plan communal de sauvegarde (PCS)

Municipal protection document


Mandatory municipal document subjected to PPR describing crisis management and actions of each stakeholder.

PCS of Sochaux

Art. L. 731-3 (homeland security code)

Specific documents on flood risk

Plan de prévention du risque inondation (PPRI)

Flood risk prevention document

each town in basin

Imposes public easements, i.e. obligations for construction against flooding.

PPRI of the Savoureuse or Bourbeuse rivers

Art. 95-101 of Barnier Act

Atlas de bassin

Basin atlas

each basin subjected to risks

Former PPRI but without easement, it presents flood risks with maps

Atlas of the Douce basin

SDAGE additional information

River management documents

Schéma (départemental) d'aménagement et de gestion des eaux (S(D)AGE)

(County) planning and water management scheme


Determines water resource management in accordance with the principles of the Water Act.

SDAGE of Rhin-Meuse

Art. 92-3 of Water Act

Contrat de rivière

River contract


Voluntary agreement with same aims as S(D)AGE without regulatory scope.

Allan river contract


Planning documents

Schéma de cohérence territoriale (SCOT)

Territorial cohesion scheme

Association of county councils

Gives planning directives (risks poorly developed)

SCOT of Pays de Montbéliard

Art. L. 122-1 (planning code)

Plan local d’urbanisme (PLU)

Local urban plan


Mandatory document that must be in compliance with SCOT and integrates PPRI; it plans zones that are not suitable for development and subjected to risks.

PLU of Montbéliard

Art. L. 123 (planning code)