Reorganized tourism products

Recommended tour routes


1. Mount Emei-Leshan Giant Buddha scenic, Qiliping International tourist resort

2. Wutong-Jianwei district

3. Muchuan ecological tourist district

1. Leshan Giant Buddha-Mount Emei

2. Leshan Giant Buddha-Jiayang puddle jumper

3. Leshan Giant Buddha-Heizhugou

4. Emei Mountainside Qiliping

5. Leshan Giant Buddha-Muchuan


1. Luzhou old cellar scenic

2. Huangjing Forest

3. Taiping ancient town

4. Fangshan Mountain

5. Yaoba ancient town

Routes of Luzhou famous wine, ecotourism and tour of revolution


1. World of Chinese color lantern

2. Wolong Lake International resort

3. Qinglong Lake resort

Tours of color lantern, simulated dinosaur, salt culture and revolution


1. Daqian cultural tourism industry park

2. Longchang Guyu Lake Scenic

3. Fanchangjiang cultural tourism industry park

4. Luoquan ancient town, Wenjiang rural tourism

Tours of culture, natural scenic and foods


1. iangjiaba tourism resort

2. Yangtze River international ecotourism landscape avenue

3. The Southern Sichuan Leisure Valley

4. Changning West Bamboo World international ecological and cultural tourist resort

Bamboo Sea Scenic Ecological health tour, Liquor culture shrine tour, ancient folk culture tour, quietness-pursing and body exercise tour, tour of revolution in Southern Sichuan