LULC Classes

LULC Description

Forest land

Land covered with relatively tall trees, at least have better canopy coverage including integral open space and felled areas that are awaiting restocking, the predominant species found in the area was Eucalyptus trees

Shrub/Bush land

Land covered by small trees, bushes, and shrubs, and in some cases such lands are mixed with grasses; It is less dense than the woodland

Grass land

Small grasses are the predominant natural vegetations. It also includes land with scattered or patches of trees and this land cover is used for grazing and browsing

Agricultural land

Areas allotted to extended rain fed crop production, mostly oil seed, cereals and pulses are managed

Irrigated land

Areas allotted to extended in supplying artificial water for crop production, mostly vegetables and cereals

Bare/Rocky land

Land, which is mainly covered by bare soil and rock out crops and rock covered lands

Settlement land

Land covered by structures, which included towns and rural villages

Dam/Water body

Lakes, rivers, reservoirs and streams