Launch meeting of Wellness Program

Senior Leader: “(Medical Director of Medical Faculty and Clinician Wellness Program) was brave to bring these things forward to initiate wellness efforts.”

Audience participant: “We ought to consider why he had to be brave to bring these issues up in our medical culture.”

7 months into initiative:

Visiting national speaker: “From all the places I have seen, this institution is ahead of the curve on improving focus on clinician wellbeing.”

18 months into initiative

Senior Leader: “The difference here is palpable, there is a definite difference and impact of wellness efforts.”

New faculty member: “The culture here is so attuned to wellness compared to where I came from. There has been a noticeable effect here by these efforts.”

Senior Administrator: “Over and over in faculty retreats we hear how important clinician wellness is in providing care to patients.”

30 months into initiative

National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Action Collaborative on Clinician Wellbeing website: URMC’s NAM Statement on Commitment to Clinician Well-Being and Resilience:

“In recognition of the significant consequences of clinician burnout, the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) has made this issue a top priority by including it as a major pillar of our Strategic Plan… We embrace the Quadruple Aim, which places equal value on clinician job satisfaction with the other tenets of the IHI’s Triple Aim… Human factor and ergonomic educational modules are being integrated into our quality and safety curriculum.”