Authors/Year Country



Sexual health assessment promotion activities

Kim, (2010) [35] Korean

310 nurses Descriptive study

Nurses competencies in term of knowledge, communication skills and training

Development educational program. Patient-centered sexual health curriculum. Improves nurses’ communication skills

Jaarsma et al., (2010) [24] Sweden

157 cardiac nurses Descriptive survey

Nurses beliefs that patients may be upset, embarrassed or anxious if they were asked about sexual health Insufficient knowledge to answer patients’ questions

Providing nurses with knowledge and practical training increases their comfort in discussion patients’ sexual health

Saunamaki et al., (2010) [36] Sweden

100 nurses Correlative Comparative design

Nurseslack confident and did not make time to address patients’ sexual concerns

Education sessions to improve nurses’ positive attitudes and confident in addressing sexual health concerns

Altıok and Yılmaz, (2011) [37] Turkish

32 patients with MI descriptive and qualitative design Semi-structured interviews

Patients consider sex a private issues that can be discussed with others due to the cultural perspectives of Turkish society

Provide appropriate settings where patients can express their sexual problems comfortably Consider sexual assessment in patient care planning and during patient education. Patients with MI have to contact health care providers and seek for treatment. Referral of patients to experts and resource. Establishing centers for sexual counseling

Activate nurses’ roles in sexual counseling centers

Hoekstra et al., (2012) [5] Netherlands

122 Nurses Descriptive survey

Lack of organizational policy Lack of training Cultural, Religion, Language and Ethnicity issues Age of the patient The patient is too ill to address sexual health Sexuality is not problem by the patient Patients did not initiate subject Lack of knowledge in general and how to initiate the topic. Nurses feel uncomfortable

Investigating barriers that prevent nurses from discussing sexual health Select an appropriate time and setting during follow up visits or during review of medications at cardiac clinic