Colombia [54]

“Desayunos infantiles con amor” (Children’s breakfasts with love)

Children’s breakfasts with love: the aim of this program is to improve consumption of food in children between 6 months and 4 years old by providing food supplements and conduct of training, promotion and health care. With the active participation of the family, the community and the local authorities.

“Grupo de Apoyo Misional” (Missionary support group)

The “Missionary support group” objective is supporting the recovery and rehabilitation of people in situation of displacement and vulnerability. They have the focus of helping infants, toddlers, pregnant and lactating women.

“Chispitas de Vida ” (Sprinkles of life) [55]

The aim of this program is to reduce anemia among children between two to five years old by providing micronutrients powders. This program also provides deworming and health education for the families involved in the program.

“Recuperación nutricional” (Nutritional recovery)

The purpose of this program is to contribute to the recovery of the nutritional status of children less than five years old with risk of acute malnutrition by education programs and nutritional support.

“De cero a siempre” (From cero to always) [44]

National program that provides services in order to ensure an integral development for infants up to 6 years old. Among the objectives are inclusion of early childhood development plans in 2012 and indicators related to early childhood (child and maternal mortality, immunization, breastfeeding, birth, prenatal and birth care, access of children to health services and support to child development).