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Lin, 20153

Government policy

The bank consortium that has assessed the BOT project of Taiwan High-speed Railway infeasible has still loaned huge sum of money to it simply because the government authority has proposed abailout package.

Lee, 20154

contract-based employee in governmental department

A contract-based employee went on strike after she received a dismissal letter indicating that her performance wasn’t up to the standard and her employment would be terminated at the end of the year. Without a grievance system for such an involuntary termination notice, she decided to go on strike by herself, causing a long queue for her service in the office.

Foster & Rosenzweig (1994) [18]

labor market related to equal pay for equal work

The workers evidently supply more effort under a piece-rate payment cheme or in self-cultivation on own land compared to time-wage employment as reflected in the fact that they deplete their body mass by 10% more, net of calorie consumption, when working under a piece-rate scheme compared to working as time-wage workers and 13% more than share tenants or those outside of the labor force.

Gautier & Klaauw (2012) [19]

labor market related to unemployment insurance

Generous benefit schemes increase dependency and Moral Hazard occurs in all types of benefit schemes. For example: (1) Individuals have less incentive to avoid entering a benefit scheme or will reduce their efforts to leave the benefit scheme. Countries with generous benefits often have lower re-employment rates. (2) The disability and sickness benefit schemes can likewise suffer from the same problems. A generous compensation level will not induce workers to prevent becoming sick, and will not stimulate sick workers to return to work quickly. This clearly shows that moral hazard problems are more pronounced in more generous benefit schemes.