[Questions about attitudes to mental toughness]

· Understanding of mental toughness: What does “mental toughness” mean to you?

· Knowledge and practice of improving mental toughness: What methods do you think could be used to become tougher mentally?

· Experience of and desire for mental training: Do you have any experience of mental training? If so, could you talk about it?

[Questions about what comprises mental toughness]

· When do you feel motivated about something? What do you usually do to keep motivated?

· How do you change the way you feel when you make a mistake?

· Are there times when you feel supported by your family? What aspects do you feel supported with?

· How fulfilled or satisfied do you feel about your life up until now? If so, what aspects have made you feel fulfilled or satisfied?

[Questions about life experiences and future prospects]

· Have there been any events that you feel have had a big impact on your life? How do you feel it affected you?

· Of the difficult events and adversity you have faced up until this point, which was the most painful? How did you overcome it?

· What have you done to achieve your goals, and what are you doing currently?

· What are your current goals and dreams? What are you doing to achieve them?

[Questions about self perception]

· Are you someone who can withstand pressure, anxiety and mental strain? If so, through what experiences have you been able to develop the ability to do that, in your opinion?

· Is there anything you are careful of when expressing your opinions or feelings to the people around you?

· Challenges and strengths: What do you think you need and what things would you like to overcome?