Problem 1

To celebrate my sister’s birth, my parents organized a party with the whole family. They ordered 170 balloons to inflate to decorate the garden. After the party, they distributed the balloons between the 8 cousins. How many balloons did each one receive?

Problem 2

Christine, Julie and Camille, three friends in the 6th year of primary school, would like to organize an outing to “Adventure Park” during the holiday week. They are all very busy: Julie is free on Monday and Saturday, as well as on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Christine is not available on Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Camille can come on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

The “Adventure Park” is open every day from 10am to 6pm except Mondays.

When will they be able to organize the outing? Show all possible answers.

Problem 3

The 5th and 6th elementary school students of the “Stream” school go to the snow class. A bus can contain 31 people. Knowing that there are 182 people (children and adults) who are going to the snow class, how many buses will it take?

Problem 4

To decorate the Christmas tree, Madam Nathaly proposes various DIY projects: painting stars, pasting glitter on balls, drawing angels, cutting out lanterns. Sylvie does not like to draw or cut.

Tom loves stars.

Steve says that glitter is for girls.

Clara hates cutting with scissors.

Every DIY project can only be done by one child. Show which DIY project each child will do. Explain.