everything you hear, you need to be able to think critically and logically to understand the information to know if it is reliable versus what is just erroneous information to confuse the decision … Personally, I believe logic is helpful and important because it can help with other classes, like planning and writing an essay or an assignment or even solving a problem. When I read my chemistry textbook, I understand the sentences because I know logic. When I write a lab report, I know how to use conditional or biconditional statements and I avoid inverse and converse fallacies. I have learned to organize the premises to validate my arguments when I write an essay or provide a lab report. Logic has helped me in other courses. Writing an essay, you can use logic to write certain statements in an equivalent way. Logic has taught me how to write statements in an equivalent form, so you are not repeating yourself in an essay … Because of logic, I became more aware of any statements that I daily encounter or the statements that I write in my essays and lab reports. I recently have written a logical persuasive essay for my GNED 1401 class, and I am required to use strong evidence to back up my reasons and statements for them to be valid. When discussing a controversial topic, gaining this valuable knowledge about logic during my first semester at university is helping me to construct better arguments myself, which enhances my influence on others if I am trying to make a point. I can evaluate what I hear, what I read, what I see because I know logic.”