Teachers’ Answers

Students’ Answers

What do you know about Nanotechnology?

- I do not know anything about Nanotechnology.

- I heard slightly of Nanotechnology but I did not understand much.

- I just know little about Nanotechnology.

- I read about it in some websites without investigating more about it.

- It is the first time I hear of this topic.

- We heard a lot about technology and its development, but we never paid any attention to this topic.

- I study science a lot but teachers never mentioned this topic.

Which applications do you know about Nanotechnology?

- I do not know about Nanotechnology other than the development of medical industry.

- Nanotechnology is used much in medicine.

- Nanotechnology has many fields especially in the development of different industries.

- I do not know much about the fields that Nanotechnology has developed.

- I just know that Nanotechnology has improved in medicine.

- My information is very slight about the scientific applications of Nanotechnology. It incorporates in many fields but I do not exactly know what these fields are.

Nanotechnology deals with--------?

- improvements in medicine

- medicine

- heard about Husam Hayek who deals with artificial nose

- We do not know many Nonscientists because they are not famous these days.

- I have never heard about this field.

- I did not understand Nanotechnology in order to know its research.