What did you learn during the workshop with the Elder?

“I learned about the wind”.

“I learned about the Earth”.

“I learned about the Earth and the measures of the Earth”.

Provide an example of Indigenous Knowledge that you have learned during the project.

“The wind”.

“One example could be that flying is teaching in indigenous history with birds”.

Provide an example of science that you learned during the project.

“The wind is strong”.

“The temperature that changes high in the sky”.

“I have learned that the air is thinner in the ozone layer”.

“Time, temperature, km of the balloon”.

“At the certain height, two oxygen molecules break down and produces heat”.

What did you like the most of the project?

“I liked the balloon launch it was cool”.

“Watch the video cause we got to see how everything looked”.

“I liked the data”.

“Launch the balloon because it was pretty. Cool seeing how big it got”.

“Balloon launch because it was cool”.

“When we watched the video”.

“When the balloon was in air because of the wind”.

“The excitement, all the students and teachers were excited to see the science happening at the site; everyone cheering at the time of launch”.

Tell us something new and interesting that you learned during the project.

“I learned about space more”.

“I learned how big the balloon went and where it landed”.

“How way up high the balloon can go”.

“The wind”.

“The above ground data like in weather conditions, temperature. What kind of things and dwellings exist around. We can see the things which have never been seen before (valleys)”.